The central theme

The film "Water makes money" centres on casting light on the explosive and symbolic development which has been set in motion by the fact that Paris and more than one hundred other French municipalities have decided to retake control over these essential services. At the end of this year Veolia and Suez must pack their bags in Paris. The film will show what Paris and other French municipalities have learned from being dependent on private monopoly structures, and how they have managed to retake control of the water despite the enormous power of the global players. Examples from Braunschweig , Berlin , the EU-Headquarters in Brussels and other European countries as well as Africa and America will be used to expand the film.

Aesthetics and Dramaturgy of the Film

The film deals with the complex aspects of the enormous monopoly power of Veolias & Suez and its ramifications for our being supplied with water, the elixir of life, by letting the viewer experience the crux of the story of "Eau de Paris", the drama of the departure of the global players from France's capital city - presented as a kind of detective story. The investigations follow a case of alleged "criminal misappropriation of public property" and the daring attempt to restore it to the municipality. What authorisation and what arguments did politicians use to put water supplies in the hands of a private monopolies in the past? Where is the incontrovertible proof of the misuse of monopoly power that will convince even partisan jurors? How can Anne Le Strat avoid becoming entangled in one of the hundreds of traps laid on the path to municipal "Eau de Paris". A path that is narrowly lined by Veoliastandards and other concern battalions.

Innocent suit-wearers, on one side of the revolving door the politicians, on the other representatives of the concern, talking about "sustainability, responsibility efficiency and secure jobs". The investigations lead from Paris through Ile de France to Toulouse, Braunschweig, Berlin, Bukarest, Casablanca and everywhere in the world of Veolia and Suez where relevant evidence can be found.
On the way we experience the incredible, hardly conceivable, stories of those directly affected, and many small lessons. We learn the motivation, arguments and positions of proponents and opponents of the global players which continually force their way into supplier contracts - not at all a dry matter. The elixir of life that is water in various fascinating shapes and appearances accompanies, connects and separates the episodes of the film.